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It isnít just exercise any more, itís science.



What We Do, Part 1: Our Methods

Many potential treatments exist for each patient. We understand which treatment is appropriate, when it is safe and effective, and when it is not safe and effective to intervene with the many tools at our disposal. Physical therapists understand who is a candidate for rehabilitation, and physical therapist know better than anyone else what treatment methods to use within the field of rehabilitation science. Sometimes this involves avoiding alternative forms of care, or avoiding a surgery which may not be your best option. An overview of our approach begins with:

  • communication with you and your physician
  • comprehensive neuromusculoskeletal exam
  • critical analysis of our findings and your capacities
  • diagnosis of your condition
  • biomechanically based intervention and non-operative orthopedics
  • regularly scheduled examinations to assess your progress
  • specialized physical therapy for orthopedic and sport rehabilitation utilizing key knowledge areas including
    • Target Tissue Training (TTT)
    • Unloading Exercise Therapy (UET)
    • Dynamic Assistance Training (DAT)
    • Vector Assisted Training (VAT)
  • work with you to provide the best possible care to accomplish your goals
  • concise, meaningful patient report summaries sent directly to your physician
  • availability for phone or e-mail discussions regarding your care and progress at virtually any time

Because we have heard from so many patients over the years who have compared services here with services elsewhere, it seems pertinent to include that we also offer:

  • pain-free therapy
  • individualized attention
  • results that last

What We Do, Part 2: Special Programs & Research

Spinal care accounts for 63% of all of our patient volume. Eighty percent of that number involves patients with chronic low back pain. This group may be considered a specialized sub-set of our population, in terms of management. This group of patients perhaps more than any other is ordinarily subject to disparate methods of care. We offer specialized care that is effective. The top four regions of bodily complaint among patients in our practice are:

  • lumbar spine (low back)
  • cervical spine (neck)
  • shoulder
  • knee

Naturally we see and treat other areas and conditions. Each is subject to review for our research programs which grew out of a desire to provide the absolute best care available for our patients. We look at everything which may be pertinent to management of each patientís condition. We do this in a systematic way for each and every complaint. Thus our approach is tied to the patientís goals, and it is results oriented both in quantitative and qualitative terms.


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Unloading Exercise Therapy
A method of controlling forces in rehabilitation exercise to optimize loads and biomechanics such that imposed demands fall safely within identified tissue tolerance limits.

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