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We provide a new level of service in the rehabilitation industry. But don’t just take our word for it, see what our patients are saying about us. Keep in mind that all of these patients were once where you are now.

  • “This is amazing what you’ve done for me. My headaches are gone! You should have a sign that says: Good care is routine, miracles cost extra.”
    — Ron Dipietra
  • “Dr. Mark White has been extraordinary in eliminating my sciatica and lower back pain. He has been remarkably fast in accurately diagnosing my problems and how to treat them through physical therapy. Over the last 30 years that I’ve gone to doctors for back pain, other therapists, chiropractors, and acupuncturists, I would rank Dr. White as Number One.”
    — Dennis Moore
  • “All I wanted to do was delay having hip surgery. Now I don’t even need to have surgery at all.”
    — Beverly Crawford
  • “My feet were killing me for years. I’d wake up in the morning and they would hurt. Standing and walking just made it worse. I’ve had foot surgery to fix the problem in one foot, which helped for about a year, but then I was right back where I started. Now I am pain-free in both feet for the first time in five years. I can go walking again with my daughter and I can shop without pain.
    — Debbie Roberts
  • “I was [most surprised by] how much you actually study your patient’s problems and that you know how to treat those problem, and you were willing to change what was needed to make the person comfortable. You actually listen to patient complaints and do something about it.”
    — Julie Johnson
  • “I slipped and fell on the ice. When I landed, I shattered my hip socket. I was told I needed to have a joint replacement surgery, but before that I would be non-weight-bearing for six months, then could resume gradual weight-bearing with the expectation that pain and disability would within a year require that I get my hip replaced. Two and a half months after seeing Mark, I was able to bear full weight on my hip and walk short distances. One month after that I was able to walk as long as I wanted without any pain. All without surgery.”
    — Dennis Phelps, PhD
  • “Due to a knee injury six years ago, and the ensuing arthritis, my mobility was decreasing while the pain had become a daily occurrence. Physical therapy treatments [about a year ago] at another outpatient facility, involving hot packs and ultrasound treatments, were useless and had not helped at all. I was skeptical when my orthopedist referred me to Dr. Mark White at United Therapeutics, saying ’This guy is really good.’ When I went, Dr. White examined my knees, then actually took the time to explain exactly what the damage was and what he could do to repair it. I was impressed that he tailored my therapy to fit my goals. Within two weeks I noticed changes. During the course of my therapy, my insurance wanted to stop treatment. Dr. White went to battle for me. His extensive education and expertise in this field enabled him to provide progress reports and statistics that finally got them to reverse their decision. My therapy was completed in three months. When I started, it was difficult to step up a curb. Now I can walk up stairs to get the good seats at the movie. Every day I now take a 40 minute PAIN FREE walk. I am back to working in the yard, mowing, and planting to my heart’s content. The kind, caring people at United Therapeutics all work toward one goal: improving the quality of life for every one of their patients. I know this is a fact because they made a wonderful change in mine.”
    — Donna Berghom
  • “I have several problems that contributed to chronic back pain; scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, and fibromyalgia. Doctor’s offered only surgery or drugs. Standard physical therapy methods and spinal manipulation were ineffective in managing my chronic pain. Dr. White customized a rehabilitation exercise routine for my particular needs. It was completely effective. I still do a series of home exercises that manage the underlying problems and the pain they can cause. Dr. White’s program is not the standard physical therapy routine. If nothing has helped your chronic pain you have a chance to get relief with Dr. White’s skills and ability to customize a routine to help you.”
    — Ann Lee
  • “Although my balance improved a lot, and it needed to, you told me it likely wouldn’t fully recover. It didn’t, but I am pleased with the result. And as an accompanying benefit of the treatment, my neck and shoulder problems went away. I appreciate your honesty and integrity, and if you ever need a reference, have your patients call me.”
    — Russel Pierson
  • “I experienced mild to severe pains in my back and had a numbness in my right hand. My primary care physician requested an MRI and after review of the MRI it was decided that I would need disc surgery. Not wanting to rush into a surgery that might be avoided, I made an appointment with Mark White at United Therapeutics. He was recommended by a friend and I believe his treatment is solely responsible for my pain free existence. I even had a neurosurgeon examine me after my treatments with Mark and I was told that I was no longer a candidate for surgery. I am proof positive that with the right care, surgery is not always the only option.”
    — Margaret “Marty” Yeager
  • “In 2001 I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease by a rheumatologist, who immediately prescribed several different pain, arthritis, sleep, anti-depressant and muscle relaxer medications. Looking back, I simply cannot grasp exactly how I functioned during that time. For four years I went through what doctors called "pain management." The drugs I was taking did little to alleviate the pain I experienced in my arms and legs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I visited my primary care physician several times, looking for alternatives, including surgery. An MRI showed that I had three bulging discs in my cervical spine. My doctor sent me to spine specialist, who gave me a steroid injection in the affected area of my spine and I was pain free for about a year. When the pain returned, he gave me two more injections. This gave me some relief for another six months. When the pain returned again, I was at my wits end. My daughter, who was studying to be a physical therapist, was doing clinical rotations with Mark White and told me to stop the injections, they were doing more damage than good. She said, ‘Mom, come and see Mark, he's fixing people with your problem.’ What did I have to lose!! Mark looked at my MRI films and evaluated me. Within the first week of therapy with him, I noticed a decrease in my pain. After about three months, I was pain free and could resume normal activity. Just two more months and he released me from his care and I went snowboarding. LOLl! I have been pain and drug free now for three years. The exercises he prescribed for me have given me my active life back. I continue to workout with weights on a regular basis, snowboard when I can, and ride my Harley almost daily. At the age of 52, I feel better than I have in decades and owe a great debt of gratitude to Mark White for enabling me to ‘get my life back.’”
    — Sherry Soliz
  • “The first time I saw Mark for PT, I could not even stand without pain. The swelling in my knees went all the way to my ankles. I was too young for knee replacements, so I chose a course of therapy with a professional I both trusted and respected. Mark used his experience, training, and innate ability to guide the course of my rehab — a course in which I felt like a member of the ‘rehab team.’ The improvements in my knees did not come quickly, and without effort on my part. But slowly, steadily, improvement came. After 13 months of therapy, the injury that stole my career and affected essentially every part of my life was controlled. Success was proven during a trip to Hawaii when I climbed the several hundred steps to Diamondhead! The career which my injury ‘stole?’ I’m a licensed physical therapist. As a PT, I chose Mark for my rehab — and for physical therapy for my sons’ injuries. I heartily recommend him to yours.”
    — Virginia Kersey, PT
  • "When I first came to United Therapeutics Corp., I was thinking this was going to be just another bad experience like I had with the last 3 therapists with my terrible drop foot. I had back surgery in 2000 [as a result of an automobile accident] that left me dragging my left leg and a really bad “drop foot”. I couldn’t walk without a lot of pain and I cried everyday. The past 3 therapist I had tried all told me the same thing, “You will just have to live this way for the rest of your life”. I had NO improvement from their therapy for 3 years. Well, I just didn’t want to accept that at my age, so I kept going to one more therapist and then one more.

    "When I met Mark White, he evaluated me and asked me what my goals were for my recovery. I told him, “I want to walk again so I can go shopping in the malls, I want to go scuba diving with my husband again, and the 3rd thing is that I want to snow skiing again with my family”. Those are my 3 goals. He looked me in the eye and said, “ I believe you can do those things again’. He was the first therapist to ever say that to me. I was shocked at his response. He said, “you will have to trust me and do the things I say to do here at my office and at home”. I told him I would do anything. It was hard to trust him at first because he said “If it hurts, STOP”!!! Well, I had always been told, “If there is no pain, there is no gain”. That was not Mark’s philosophy. I did what he said in the office and in my exercises at home.

    "I am so happy to be able to say that because of the help I received through Mark’s therapy and his correct philosophy, I now can go shopping and I’m scuba diving with my husband every year, and I now live in Colorado with my family and we are snow skiing!!! I am thankful everyday to GOD for my recovery and thankful that there are therapists like Mark that know the correct methods to help people."
    — Beckie Jones
  • “As a long distance runner training for a local marathon, I injured several tendons and muscles in my hip area - running even two steps was excruciating. After two months of 'self-rehab,' stretching and time off with no improvement my doctor prescribed physical therapy. To say I was lucky to find Dr. White is an understatement. Immediately, Dr. White identified the exact location of the injury and prescribed simple, yet highly effective exercises to alleviate the pain and get me back on my feet. After only a few days, I was back to running in Dr. White's office and a few weeks after that - back to running my normal weekly mileage - pain free!.

    "I found Dr. White's knowledge, expertise and personal treatment second to none - hopefully I don't have to deal with another running injury, but if I do, my first call, without hesitation, will be to Dr. White."
    — Michael Mondt

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